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anti-bird protection

Protection of berries and fruits in open field and greenhouse.

Also use it in:

  • * Apples
    * Blackberries
    * Blueberries
    * Cherries
    * Grapes
  • * Guavas
    * Peaches
    * Pears
    * Rasberries
    * Sapotillo
    * Strawberries
    * Tomatoes

With GUACAMALLAS you allow the best anti-bird protection for your crops!

The damages caused by birds are not only quantifiable in quantity of product consumed by them, but by the fact that volatiles will peck one fruit, then another and another... at the end they will have destroyed all your crop, substantially decreasing its commercial value since the visual impact of a fruit damaged by birds is not what the fresh market asks for. Unless you are working in the jams and jellies chain of production, you better protect your fruits with anti-bird netting!

Furthermore, just one damaged fruit in the case can be the source and cause for rot and fermentation of the whole package, therefore increasing the damage caused by birds!

Protecting fruits from birds (and bats) is essential for all sorts of berries, blueberries, blackberries, rasberries and strawberries, but also cherries, pears and other very sweet tropical fruits whose value decrease drastically due to bird damage!

GUACAMALLAS is easy to install, can be re-used many crop cycles and comes in an easy to transport and move roll which is folded to a manageable size. GUACAMALLAS is only a barrier between your crop and birds and bats, it does not harm animals and it is not designed to catch them.

If what you need is protection for your fruit crops and all that work that went into them, after all those months of investing and sweating hoping for a great financial result, GUACAMALLAS will be your principal allied for the final stage of your harvest!

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guacamallas bird protection


  • * 5 x 500 meters
  • * Square 2 X 2 cm
  • Anti-bird-netting-malla-antipajaros-size.jpg